Friday, April 10, 2009

Shabby girl mosaics blog

Hi, my name is Tracey and I live in the beautiful Perth hills, Western Australia.

I'm a stay at home mum to an adorable little boy and wife to a very understanding gorgeous husband (mosaic widower). Since my little boy is gett
ing a bit bigger and into a better routine I've gotten my 'passion for smashin' back and I'm totally addicted! And I don't just mean the mosaicing itself but everything to do with mosaics. One of my favourite things is hunting down bargains to mosaic and beautiful china, jewellery and interesting little bits n pieces to mosaic with. My favourite hunting grounds are garage sales, swapmeets and the internet. I also love getting inspiration from all those amazing mosaic artists out there on the net and in books.

I've recently started my own website shabbygirlmosaics in the hope of helping to beautify the homes of others.
My website is a bit of a work in progress at the moment as I'
m doing the site myself, but you will find most of my goodies in the 'galleries' and if you're interesed in anything please feel free to email me on the 'contact me' page.

I really hope you get the chance to browse through my little shabby n chic website and that you can find something really pretty and unique for your home.

I've also started to sell my mosiacs and other pretties at markets, I've just done my 3rd market day and hope to have a regular stall at the Kalamunda Village Markets on the 1st Saturday of each month.

My current project, well I have a few on the go but this is one of my main ones, is a stunning shabby chic violin.

I used some beautiful English china, including Royal Albert and used some gorgeous metalic pink glass that was once a platter.
I then threaded pearls on all of the strings and added lots of bling to the chin rest.
I sat and decorated the bow last night, I wrapped ribbon around it, added a little gold heart on one end and some pretty artificial roses on the other for a lovely result (you can see it in the picture below sitting in front of the violin). I hope to finish all the tessera on the violin tonight.

Thanks for letting me share and I look forward to sharing my mosaic journey with whoever is interested.

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  1. Hi Tracye,
    welcome to the wonderful world of blogging.
    Love your work.