Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My favourite mosaic tile maker in the universe is...

Carol Kent of CMKSculptures!!! She makes THE most STUNNING tiles, birds, cherubs, 3D roses, sculptures and mosaics.
I've bought a lot of stuff from her in the past and I have never been disapointed. I'm always so full of excitement when I know some goodies are on there way from Carol which is the state I'm in now as I've just put in another huge order (hope my hubby doesn't see the statement - gulp!)
I met her through Ebay when I bought my first lot from her back in March or April last year. Her service is always second to none, friendly, helpful, great communication and super fast delivery. I get most of my orders in just over a week, not bad for saying they travel over 15000 kms to get here from the US. She's also more than happy to try and oblige with custom orders, just let her know what it is you want and she'l do her very best to fulfill your wishes.
I love using her tiles and cherubs in my mosaics, I usually include something of Carols into my creations as they add a special little something to my pieces.
All of Carols tiles have a bright and glossy finish to them and they are grout friendly so no worries there.
You can find her beautiful creations here at Ebay, Etsy and Artfire and you can also check out all of her beautiful mosaics and other goodies here on Flickr
I hope you can make some time to go and check out Carols beautiful creations, happy browsing!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Bling keyrings / bag dangles

Just a quick little post to add my newest items.
These are sweet little keyrings or bag dangles. You can even use them on your mobile phone I guess, anywhere where you'd like a little bit of extra bling.

$15 AUD each

Another new thing I'm making is kilt pin brooches, this is my first and I have a few more lined up to make. These were a little trickier to make (my little fat fingers kept getting in the way lol)
but a lot of fun.
Very blingy with pretty clear stones and the rose lampwork are so pretty.

$30 AUD

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Linda's Pretties

My sister Linda has made some lovely quilts, clothe dolls and pomanders which I've just listed on my website shabbygirlmosaics
They are listed on the "Linda's Pretties" page.

As for me, I'm still to get any more of my treadle done as I've been busy updating my website and trying to get some things done around the house. I'll update with more photos of it when I manage to get some more done.
I also have a commision so that will slow me up a bit too. I have another one of the cast iron mirrors on a stand that a lady has asked me to do in greens so I'll have to get started on that in the next few days too.
I'm looking forward to it too but I have to go shopping for some green china, it's a colour that I love but don't have much luck in finding.
Wish me luck in my search!


Monday, May 4, 2009

Mosaic treadle sewing machine is almost finished

I started this a few months ago and have spent hours and hours on it but then I got side tracked with other things for the markets and haven't done anymore work on it for a while now. My challenge is to get it finished now that this months market is out the way. I intend to get it totally finished and listed on my website in the next week or two (that's my plan anyway lol)
All the hard work is done, I only have to do the edging and background (and grout of course - yuk!) so if I can just pull my finger out and get into it it will get done.
I will post here once it's listed on my website.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Morning tea open day expressions of interest

Thank you to everyone who visited my stall at the Kalamunda Markets yesterday.
I met some wonderful people including Linda from the
Craft Magazines forum which was great.
I also had an email tonight from a lovely lady whose friend saw me at the market yesterday and gave her my card. She emailed to say that she would like to visit my shop, now I don't have a shop but I have been thinking about having an open day so this got me thinking that maybe I should do it sooner rather than later.
I was thinking that if I can get a few ladies interested in coming along to my place I can set everything out on my front porch which overlooks our gorgeous city and you can enjoy a cup of tea and cake while you browse.
If you live in Perth WA and you would be interested in getting a few friends together please let me know and I'll get it organised.
Ideally I would like at least 1o ladies to come along so if you have friends, family, work colleagues, anyone, you can email me and I can send out some flyers.
Wow, Im on a roll, I have ideas coming lol, ohoh, I don't think I'm going to get much sleep tonight lol.
Come on Perth ladies in love with pretty shabby chic, get in touch!!