Friday, May 8, 2009

Bling keyrings / bag dangles

Just a quick little post to add my newest items.
These are sweet little keyrings or bag dangles. You can even use them on your mobile phone I guess, anywhere where you'd like a little bit of extra bling.

$15 AUD each

Another new thing I'm making is kilt pin brooches, this is my first and I have a few more lined up to make. These were a little trickier to make (my little fat fingers kept getting in the way lol)
but a lot of fun.
Very blingy with pretty clear stones and the rose lampwork are so pretty.

$30 AUD


  1. Hello, I picked up one of your cards from the rose garden last week. Where they your turtles you had done? I will have to go to the Kalamunda Markets next time to check you out. Happy days.

  2. Thanks Bev, I don't actually have anything for sale at the Melville Rose Nursery at the moment,I think the mosaics they have there at the moment are all made in China. I've been meaning to take some things there but haven't had the chance yet. I go there pretty regularly for morning tea, it's my favourite place but I have to go certain times with my stuff and never seem to be able to do it.
    I hope to see you at the next market!

  3. Thank you so much for your very special and up lifting words, they meant so much.

    My little baby boy, Joshua was born very, very prematurely and sadly didn't make it. He is buried in a beautiful spot at my local village church by a beautiful Oak tree and really treasure the very short time we had holding him although he had already been taken into God's care. It is coming up to his forth anniversary, so that is why i am a little fragile at the moment.

    We were very lucky and went on to have a sweet little boy the following year, also born prematurely, 11 weeks early, though he thrived and is doing really well :)

    Thank you again for your very kind words.

    I am going to have a go at making some sort of mosaic with my broken bowl, though dont really know where to begin, I thought of something round a mirror.



  4. Meant to say I love your pretty keyrings, they are gorgeous :)

    I have added your blog to my sidebar I hope you don't mind


  5. Greetings from Biloxi,Mississippi! You do beautiful work and thank you for the inspiration to get back to smashing and grouting again :D

  6. Tracey, looking really great sweetie
    you know i love your Art.