Sunday, May 3, 2009

Morning tea open day expressions of interest

Thank you to everyone who visited my stall at the Kalamunda Markets yesterday.
I met some wonderful people including Linda from the
Craft Magazines forum which was great.
I also had an email tonight from a lovely lady whose friend saw me at the market yesterday and gave her my card. She emailed to say that she would like to visit my shop, now I don't have a shop but I have been thinking about having an open day so this got me thinking that maybe I should do it sooner rather than later.
I was thinking that if I can get a few ladies interested in coming along to my place I can set everything out on my front porch which overlooks our gorgeous city and you can enjoy a cup of tea and cake while you browse.
If you live in Perth WA and you would be interested in getting a few friends together please let me know and I'll get it organised.
Ideally I would like at least 1o ladies to come along so if you have friends, family, work colleagues, anyone, you can email me and I can send out some flyers.
Wow, Im on a roll, I have ideas coming lol, ohoh, I don't think I'm going to get much sleep tonight lol.
Come on Perth ladies in love with pretty shabby chic, get in touch!!


  1. I would visit in a flash Tracey, but it would take me fluppin ages to get there! i hope you decide to do this it would be great fun.:-)

    I love your work, its all delish, have a good sleep honey.

  2. What a great idea I hope it goes really well .