Monday, May 4, 2009

Mosaic treadle sewing machine is almost finished

I started this a few months ago and have spent hours and hours on it but then I got side tracked with other things for the markets and haven't done anymore work on it for a while now. My challenge is to get it finished now that this months market is out the way. I intend to get it totally finished and listed on my website in the next week or two (that's my plan anyway lol)
All the hard work is done, I only have to do the edging and background (and grout of course - yuk!) so if I can just pull my finger out and get into it it will get done.
I will post here once it's listed on my website.


  1. How, wat a beautyful art!!! I like much! Ciao, un saluto da Roma...

  2. Absolutely stunning Mrs C, stunning, wow.

  3. So so pretty, I just love it!!
    Well done.

    Love and blessings

  4. wow! exquisite must have the patience of a saint xx

  5. How unique, and the colors are fantastic!